this is the planet of satan

where this satan is envious
because of the success of his creator
bursting with anger

and he can only do one thing
to endure his frustration

the destruction of
all intelligent life has to happen!
of the whole universe ....

and these all european states
and their off springs >

are mandatory satanic states
and should be an islamic state
his little humanity wanting to keep

then he would be bombarded to death
because the following must be guaranteed
satanic mama train all children to death!

so satanic daughter must becoming a satanic eve !
and satanic son must becoming a guaranteed !
a humans and worlds destructing !

and then ...  in principle ...
then no worlds environment can be guaranteed
no human rights

only this mass of madness
where there can be no homo sapiens
because everyone is destroyed before their eyes
and everyone ... who does not like
being mentally retarded ...

this mass delusion not glorifying
should rot away

despair in solidarity
or simply die

because it must be guaranteed
no homo sapiens can come

and do something else
as completely paranoid harming all
until death redeems all

galactic foundation

the visitor

from space coming ....
any intelligent visitor ... will see >

that this planetary population can be no homo sapiens!

just looking at the illumination of the dark side of the planet!
and this mass of radio transmissions for broadcasting .... entertainment

when every one should be resting !

because every human needs contemplation ....
otherwise he will be > becoming insane !

then ... when the visitor .... closing in .... and all this garbage ..... to be seen
he can only turn away disgusted>

and when we are coming down on  this ... "earth" .... then ...
every one is running from one drug of entertainment >
to the
next > drug of food ......

or this guarding the peoples humanity >>>
with wolves > with state licensing dog tags!

or just looking at those ideas > this population has
about an extra terrestrial civilization >

no longer ... any ..... rest period .... at all
just endless fun !

or the "search" of this earthlies >
for extra terrestrial ... via radio waves .....

then we know for sure
that this can only be simple a mass in sanity

and should more evidence of this be needed >
then we need just to look at this
animal love !

when every homo sapiens is knowing >
that animals never want to live in human dignity ...

this is a very unusual superiority >
of the homo sapiens in this universe ....

consequently they are> the only such > long enough there>
not just to
settle one galaxy  ....

but the whole universe!

what are you talking about ?

you can not even be guarding this planetary environment 
so all the future generations will be having an planet to be living on 
the next hundred million years !

let alone offering an honorable life !
but be bragging about your american way of death ...

to being a danger to all this galaxy 
and the universe ... beyond !

those planetary zombies of satan > are not even legal !

because they are violating the basic law of the universe >>>
to be using creation only as designed by creation
and not wasting one planet after the other

since being only bugs and germs
predators and gorillas !

being emancipated from any human honor
with no wisdom what so ever

to keep their planet for the next xxx million years !
let alone to impress any homo sapiens ....

a free economy …. can never work … long

as any one with any intelligence can plainly see !
any time he will be looking at this world !

because ……

if any idiot > can sell any idiot > any idiocracy >
then the environment can only fail > soon after !

if the darwinian principles are in place
if any dodo can be bragging about >
what kind of profit he is making !
at the future > at any humans demise >

the end can be predicted > as any one can see clearly
and … any idiot will know > there will be > freak outs >
and no one can stop them >

since the whole thing is an affront to any humanity !
to any higher intelligence ….

the satanic symbiosis!
the most important ingredient in the dying of a catastrophic ape ..... he needs just an oel central heating plant
installed >
this just from one of those state inspectors certified! and good conscience he can have with out end ....
in his climate flipping

because the state says that in all his authority!
he only needs a new car!
> since every one will be telling you > they are environmentally friendly !
and refueling regularly >
then we have not only > the resources
the consumption of the new car to be
but also the same fossil fuel consumption as with the old car ... and we also have the vanity .... such a value to society to be !
irreplaceable even ...
or alcohol can make you die much longer >
because you then will be too stupid > to do your own thinking!
and the death of your own mind > the most important prerequisite for a long ...
dying !
f course the art > the artificial >
the best medium for diversion of these masses of stupidity
whether simply CBS television > or theater or otherwise any > of the many sounds !
the vanity and distraction created > from the gruesome reality create the atmosphere> to destroy a whole world !
solutions on the other hand .... are absolutely taboo > decent relationships are banned as with a humanity > no climate tipping > no resources wars get started on and no enslaving a whole world population !

not with the homo sapiens > they are > on the side of the creator of this universe not the destroyer of this world and its symbiotes !

now here a dialog from the blog of paul adkin

The latest report from the ICC warns that a climate catastrophe
will likely happen only twenty-two years from now
unless drastic systemic action is not taken .

 Of course, there is nothing positive about this emerging scenario,
if we let it unfold it will be an absolute tragedy for humanity.
Nevertheless, the ugly prediction itself does carry a positive mask,
because it also comes with an emphatic cry to remodel our relationship
with the world and with the technologies we created
to improve our relationship with the world.

What we see through the new door that is opening, however,
is the need for a complete overhaul of our capitalist system,
and a complete change of perspective on what our money is used for.

Not a Marxist redistribution of wealth, but a redefinition of Wealth itself;
unchaining wealth from the idea of accumulation of money and/or goods
and anchoring it to the idea of human fulfilment.

This simple idea revolutionises the concept of labour goals
and the purposes of the entire economy.

Making money is suddenly not the do-all and end-all, and when
and where money is an impediment to fulfilment
it should be phased out or restructured.

What this door offers is a new perspective that we can call B.
The equation thus boils down to A against B – and the struggle is clearer.
B knows who its enemy is. It is not confused like +A which doesn’t realise
that a large part of its ineffectiveness lies in its own condition as A.
B, on the other hand, is unambiguous.
It knows where the root of the problem lies.

Of course, it doesn’t make the struggle any easier,
but it does make it clearer.

siera omega >

but we need a strategy to save this world
and not only make the problem clearer

paul adkin >

i) The strategy for change can’t come until we all know what has to be changed
ii) When we all know what has to be changed and have the will to do it, it will happen.
iii) A strategy alone won’t change things; first of all there has to be a will.

siera omega >

yes …

there has to be a will ….
but if all those have no idea
what they even could do ?

because of all this anti humanity
then how could this necessary will develop ?

I am more and more convinced
that we have to do this via constitutional rights
this is the only way the masses will be moving
into the right direction

only if it is a right and an order for all
will they adhere to it

other wise … if it is left to the individual
he is tempted to just go on and on
just as at the present ….

as a matter of fact >
if there is no enforced law
they > the masses are going to
competing with all this damage
like the are doing now

paul adkin >

But in order to change the constitution you have to create a will to change it,
 and you have to know what exactly needs to be changed.

In order to create a paradigm shift
you have to completely rethink the constitution
which is an anti-human historical construct and impose something
closer to the Bill of Human Rights on each nation state.

 That can only happen if the nation states themselves
have the democratic will to change and open up to humanity
and the world instead of closing themselves off to it.

Nothing can change unless the demos is inspired enough
and has enough clear-sightedness to apply that change.

siera omega >

well … the federal republic >>>

already has such a constitution
guaranteeing any and all environments
forced by the allied powers at the end of
you know …

and now imagine this ?
they are not complying to this ” basic law ”
being in existence for almost 70 years !

so all we will have to do >>>
is to find enough for a critical mass
to force this constitution into
a real ” basic law ” !

meaning >
that it be above any democratic insanity
just as this ” basic law ” is demanding
very specifically >>>

in article 1 / 19 and 20a

there by ending all capitalistic insanities
all this cannibalismo

all this wasting the environment
wasting all future human existence

and as soon as we have this achieved here in
then we have the power to talk about

in the united nations about this solution

and then nobody can escape this fake reality
any longer

but we will have the chance to creating
an authentic reality

does any one have any better idea ?

galactic central information